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Personalized Organic Gardening Q&A and Content. 

Three ways to empower yourself as a gardener.

Get Three Offerings in One ...

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Monthly Q&A -
Ask Me Anything

Get your questions answered in Monthly Q&A Zoom calls. Submit your questions in advance as you think of them, or ask them live. Even if you can't attend live, any question submitted ahead of time will be on the recording so your can watch it on your own time.

Exclusive Webinars - Abundance Edge

Exclusive content tips with Abundance Edge webinars on topic YOU choose. Want me to cover something specific? You'll be able to submit topics for me to cover in webinars for members only.

Resources -
The Growers Edge

Enjoy monthly emails packed with carefully curated resources. Each month get seasonal garden reminders, recipes, and/or worksheets, all created just for members.

Debby Ward, Innovating Organic Gardening

When you want an answer to your garden question, you don’t want to search around for the answer. You just want your question answered by a professional you can trust and you want that answer to be specific to your situation.

Likewise, when you want to learn about something, how cool would it be to get a short webinar on exactly what topic you want to learn about?

Most of us look for answers in a rather generic way, and so we get a rather generic answer. Ever searched YouTube? Okay, likely a silly question, but really, there is another way!

You save time by getting your specific questions answered.

That is what the Metamorphosis Membership is here to give you. An opportunity to ask me anything, have short webinars on that topics you are specifically interested in and get more of my resources and worksheets so you transform your gardening experience.

Remember, you save time by getting your specific questions answered.

Join the Metamorphosis & I’ll see you inside! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with the Metamorphosis Membership.

If you found nothing useful at all with the membership, you can get a refund within the first 10 days of your membership.

How do I find out the schedule for live events?

Upon joining, you will receive emails letting you know the dates and times of the live sessions. Generally live sessions will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 2:00 pm US Eastern Time.


How do I submit a question for the Q&A? 

Upon joining, you will receive a link to ask a question for the next Q&A session. You can use that link throughout your subscription at any time. During the live session I will answer the pre-submitted questions first, in order of submission.

What if I can't attend live, but have a question for the Q&A?

I will answer the submitted questions first during the live session, in order of submission. You can watch the recording to listen to the answer to your question. 

 Can I ask questions live during a Q&A Session?

After answering the pre-submitted questions, if there is time, I will answer questions posed during the live session. 

How do I submit a topic for an Abundance Edge webinar?

Upon joining, you will receive a link to submit a topic. You can use that link throughout your subscription at any time. I will go through the topics either in order, or when during the gardening year they are most relevant.


What if I can't attend an Abundance Edge webinar live, but have submitted a topic that is being covered?

You will be notified when the recording is posted so you can watch the recording anytime.


How long do I have access to the recordings?

For as long as you like across all your platforms. 

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Join the Metamorphosis and transform yourself and your garden.

Get Three Offerings in One ...

The Grower Edge

Monthly info packed email with exclusive tips, that to do that month, and even recipes to use your produce

Plus offers that come across my desk that I can pass on to you such as saving from my favored companies. 

Regular price $36 a month.

The Abundance Edge

Webinars will include valuable instruction on the topics members want. 

You choose the topics that I cover in the webinars. If you have ever wanted someone to speak on what you are interested this season, I’ve got you covered. 

Q&A time included.

Regular price $108.

Q&A - Ask Me Anything Sessions

You can submit questions ahead of time or ask me when we are live.

I will answer the pre-submitted questions first so even if you cannot attend live, you can still get your question answered. 

Join live or watch the recording on your own time. 

Revisit the recordings whenever you like. 

You can submit a question each month. 

Regular price $153

Total regular price is $297

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