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Are you excited about what you can do with your small homestead? But overwhelmed on how to design it?

Learn how to look at your property, choose what to use each section for, and design it yourself with 1-on-1 Training & Coaching

Do you want your homestead to include a kitchen garden, orchard, or food forest?

Want guidance on your design and making choices on what to put where?  

Maybe you’d like ideas on what plants to grow or to add a pond, bees, ducks, livestock??

Do you want to create a sanctuary that is unique to you, but don’t know how about how to design it from a sustainable organic perspective? 

Site Design Training

Will empower you to design your own small homestead.

You’ll define and stay focused on your vision and goals while you assess the best uses for each part of your property. 

Unearth possibilities using aspects of permaculture and biodynamics.

Awaken the possibilities. 

"You simplify creating your unique homestead,

not by depending on someone else to design it,

but by learning how to look at the land yourself." 

  • Debby Ward, Prior Unity Garden

Be empowered to transform your property with:

Personal 1-on-1 training

Seven 1.5 hour sessions

To manifest the vision for your homestead

Prior students have said ...

Each Session Includes:

Discussion of your goals and dreams

About 30-45 minutes of training

About 1 hour of 1-on-1 Q & A and consultation for your specific property

Action Steps to move you closer to your dream homestead  

Access to the materials and worksheets 

Manifest the Sanctuary You Envision in 7 Clarifying Steps 

This training spreads over approximately four months. 

Session Topics:

Session 1: Permaculture Ethics, Principles, Zones & Sectors

Session 2: Observation, Weather, Critters & Self Sustaining Systems

Session 3: Structures

Session 4: Building Healthy Living Soil & Water Handling

Session 5: Choosing Crops & Perennials   

Session 6: Biodynamics, Bees, Birds & Livestock

Session 7: Pulling it all together

By then end of session 7, you’ll have a beginning design for your homestead and the steps to make it happen!


Sessions are done over Zoom every two or more weeks apart.

It is best to schedule your first session and we will collaborate when to schedule your second one. 

7 Empowering Sessions

Session 1 Permaculture Ethics, Principles, Zones & Sectors

We will start by talking about your goals for your homestead and begin to document them. 

The training uncover overall ways to look at your property, including permaculture design ethics, principles and zones.  

Session 2 Observation, Weather, Critters & Self Sustaining Closed-loop Systems

We’ll consider self-sustaining closed loop systems for your property considering weather, critters and your observations. 

By this time, you’ll have an overview to begin to decide where to put what on your property. 

Session 3 Structures

In this session you’ll envision the structures you want on your property based on what you want them to serve. 

We will talk about options based on your goals and any existing structures. 

Session 4 Building Healthy Living Soil & Water Handling

Soil is the foundation of your garden. It is also the least expensive place to store water – the way nature does.

Become empowered to make sound soil decisions and choose how you will capture and store water.

By this session your design will be evolving. 

Session 5 Choosing Crops & Perennials  

What do you want to grow? 

We’ll include and look beyond your vegetable garden to options including possible food forests and orchards.  

In this session we begin to drill a bit deeper into what plants will be in various area of your property. 

Session 6 Biodynamics, Bees, Birds & Livestock

Empower your homestead with biodynamic practices including crop, livestock and bird rotation, composting and cycles. 

This session will add to your overall design and we’ll assess which of these practices are best for you. 

Session 7 Pulling it all together

By this point, we have covered allot.

This is an open ended session to refine your design, revisit topics of your choice and create a timeline for implementation. 

Prior students have said ...

Your Instructor, Debby Ward

Debby is a professional organic garden coach, speaker, educator, presenter, and writer with over 50 years of gardening experience. Her influence has expanded the success of many gardeners and transformed their garden dreams into abundant reality.

She empowers others to manifest what they want from their gardens and homesteads through holistic refined systems.

By innovating and simplifying sometimes complex systems used by farmers, she empowers and inspires others to create their sanctuary.

Debby manifests the permaculture mem “each one teach one” and has used her professional public speaking education to inspire others to evolving along their garden and sustainable journey.

She began focusing on plants for food and medicine as a young adult and holds several certificates in medicinal herbalism and has training in native plants, biodynamics, organic and native gardening, apothecary management, vegetarian cooking, public speaking, small business marketing and management, project management, time management, risk management, negotiation, and conflict resolution. She has also run a small music production company and worked in IT for the US Federal Government.

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