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  Introduction to the Course and Using the Workbook

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating an organic veggie and joining the huge nationwide community of organic home gardeners.

This Workbook and Course has been created for you to use to start your organic garden. 

The Workbook you will use in this Course, will give you a professional step-by-step process used by loads of people to successfully start their veggie gardens. The process is simple and intended to get you started on your organic veggie garden journey. I have included some gardener pro tips and this whole Course comes from my passion to help people like you successfully grow some food for themselves.

How to Use the Workbook and Go Through the Course

The Course follows the Workbook, so you will want to have the Workbook handy as you go through each section of the course.

You can view the Workbook online, although I recommend downloading it and filling it out on your computer. The Workbook is a fillable, printable PDF file. Or, download it and print it and fill it out by hand. Do whichever works best for your creative and planning style.

Go through the Course and Workbook in order as you are embarking on a proven series of steps which I am tested over many years to simplify the process for you.

There are 5 core Steps to the process. You will find Action Steps to take for each Step. An Action Step is something you DO. Action Steps all have a corresponding form in your Workbook where you document what you are doing, thinking or will do at you start your garden.

I have found that unless people document their garden process, they tend to forget aspects that were important to them in the quiet moment they considered what they really want, and then it may be too late to incorporate all they want without a big headache. 

Through this Course and Workbook, you avoid making this mistake. Fill out each worksheet and use what you have done as reference as you continue your garden endeavors. If you want more, take my How to Start a Veggie Garden Course where I walk you through the process and provide more information.

                This process has been successfully used by many people and I am super exited to bring it to you in this form.  I truly hope it is an asset for you to begin achieving your garden goals and dreams.  Let me know how it works for you and ...