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Each Month Members Only Enjoy:

Exclusive Live Topical Webinars with Q&A

This is where you get to sit back, relax and get a short topical class with time for Q&A.

In each hour session, you’ll benefit from professional instruction on topics such as bugs, weeds, design, specific crops and ways to manage your garden to save time.

Plus enjoy live Q&A where you can ask Debby questions and interact with other members in your member’s only social online webinar platform.

Access to Webinar Recordings

You won’t miss out on any of the instruction and can access the webinar recordings anytime you want from any of your devices. All the recordings will be archived so you can refer back to them when it works for you.

Short Video Tips

Get short informational tip videos created just for you and cataloged by topic for fast, easy reference on your own time. You’ll love this growing body of go-to material, broken down in short digestible bits. In addition to the ones already posted for you, get a new tip each month!

Live "Office Hours" Q&A

Participate in a member’s only secure community forum to ask Debby questions, and network, during Debby’s “office hours” sessions. You can chat with other members, post and up-vote questions and come on screen and share. .

Want to refer back to a session, no problem, you’ll have access to all the recordings!

Special Workshops

Enhance your gardener savvy during special live workshops to move your garden forward. These hands-on projects will use worksheets Debby develops from her 40+ years of gardening experience.You’ll add to your practical gardening wisdom as you walk through another garden tool Debby has developed for your to save you time and keep you organized. You’ll be able ask questions too in these occasional action oriented workshops.

Online Community and Networking

You’ll get the benefit of two platforms that allow you to connect and network with other members. During live sessions you can have a personal profile and enjoy, chat, polls and more. When not live, you can participate in comment threads for each topic, video or resource.

Discounts on Coaching, Courses & Products

Members will receive discounts on Coaching packages, Courses and Products, because we all love a discount and you deserve them for being a member.

Free Resources

You’ll have access to an exclusive Member’s Resource Center for worksheets, info cards, links and whatever other cool stuff Debby creates or finds for you.

Occasional special events such as Virtual Garden Parties

Love hanging out with other gardeners? Occasionally we’ll have Virtual Garden Parties and other virtual events where we spend time together as a gardening community and get to know one another even better. In this COVID-19 time, we can still enjoy community.

The Prior Unity Gardener’s Group is an online community for organic gardeners to enjoy interacting with other gardeners, get their garden questions answered and improve their gardening skills, all in a safe, private space.

Your time is valuable. Unlike social media platforms, that can suck up loads of your time, the content and services here allow you quick access to answers and scheduled community, instruction and Q&A time.

Do you:

  • Have time limitations for your organic garden?
  • Want one consolidated place to get answers to things like
    • how to deal with different bugs and critters,
    • how to save time and still get a good yield,
    • how to deal with weeds, weather,
    • or how to grow specific crops and plan your garden to keep you on track and not wasting time.
  • Looking for professional organic gardening tips, tricks and education in one consolidated place.
  • Longing for some community interaction?
  • Or just want to be able to ask someone trustable your garden questions?

If you are like most folks, when you have a gardening question you jump on your computer, grab your phone and go an internet search and grab the first solution that looks good to you, from the entire internet, and hope, it will work for your problem … and when it doesn’t you are stuck going back to the internet and trying somebody’s else’s solution.

And this repeated cycle and get pretty darn depressing and can lead not only to failure in your garden, but even potentially lead you to giving up on your garden goals and dreams.

When you have access to one consolidated place to get exclusive, trusted, professional gardening answers you enjoy higher yields of yummy home grown produce in less time.

And that place is The Prior Unity Gardener’s Group!

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Thank you for supporting a small one woman business who’s passion is your gardening success.

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What You Get

  Special Workshops
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  "Office Hours" Q&A
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the live events?
No, you don’t, you can access the recordings of the Webinars and Office Hours Q&A sessions on your own time.
How long do I have access to the recordings, video tips and other content?
As long as you have an active membership, you have unlimited access across any and all devices you own.
How long will webinar recordings be available?
As long as you have an active membership you will be able to access the recording on all the devices you own.
Do you add more video tips every month?
Yes! That is part of what you get for your membership.
Can I get this content and events without a membership subscription?
These offerings are for members only, so join the community.

Your Instructor & Coach

Debby Ward
Debby Ward

Debby Ward is a professional organic gardening speaker, instructor, coach and writer with over 40 years of gardening experience. She is the Founder of Prior Unity Garden, Making Organic Garden Dreams a Reality. Debby has been gardening since she could crawl around the family garden

Debby loves to help grow gardeners and has trained Master Gardeners in Fairfax County VA for the County Extension Office, taught for The Mason Sustainability Institute, Washington Gardener Magazine, the Take Back Your Health Conference and for many other events, organizations and groups.

She has written articles for Green America and Natural Awakenings Magazines as well as many articles on herbal healing when she was the past President of Joe Pye and Friends, the former National Capital Area Herbal Network. She has written a booklet on Seed Starting and Safe Seed Buying as well as all the course materials for Prior Unity Garden classes. Debby created The Organic Garden Guide & Veggie Layout Handbook and the Prior Unity Garden product line.

Known as Garden Coach Deb, she provides organic garden coaching and consultations by phone, Zoom and in person for folks local to the Washington DC Metro area.

Debby loves to ‘paint with plants’ as she now calls it, combining her love of plants with her fine arts degree and sense of style, color and space. Debby has built Prior Unity Garden to assist others in achieving their organic garden goals and dreams and values biodiversity, community, healthy living soil, fresh organic food, music and the prior unity inherent in all beings.

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